Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

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Not all real estate agents, Realtors and brokers are alike. It’s wise to shop around and find the real estate team that’s right for you. First stop to think about the qualities that you need in a real estate agent to effectively sell your home. Your list may read like this:

Listens to my needs. You want a real estate professional who listens more than talks. Your agent needs to hear what’s important to you, and keep your priorities above his or her own at all times.

Works hard and is not lazy. It sounds basic, but there people out there who are not willing to work as hard for you for whatever reason. You need someone at the top of their game, someone at the peak of their career who is ready to get out there and do whatever it takes to get your home sold in a timely manner and for the right price.

Answers my calls. When you’re selling your home, nothing is worse than getting voicemail even 50% of the time. You need a real estate professional who is available for you when you need him or her. You need someone you can reach immediately when necessary.

Positive Attitude. Want to sell your home quickly, for more than you expected? Find a Realtor with a good attitude. A negative, moody or depressed agent frankly will not have the confidence necessary to sell your home effectively in any market conditions.

Knowledgeable. Your Realtor needs to be knowledgeable about the legalities of real estate, the marketplace and about your area.

Successful. The best real estate agents are successful agents. You should be able to tell they are successful when you meet with them. They should have an excellent track record and sound references to prove it. An unsuccessful agent is that way for a reason, don’t find out why.

Confident & Assertive. When it comes to selling your home, you need someone who is confident and assertive. Confident, because they need to know exactly what they are doing, and assertive because they have to take an assertive stance in the negotiation process. You want someone on your side who knows how to take a stand.

Ethical. You want an ethical real estate agent who you can trust. Not only will he or she show up where expected, but will show up on time. Your Realtor must have an outstanding reputation and perform his or her job with high moral clarity.

Markets your home by many different means. Sometimes all that’s needed is a sign in the front yard and you’ve got offers on your home from here to the Brazos River. Other times, depending on market conditions and other factors, selling your home may require extra techniques and tools such as virtual tours, internet marketing, open houses, direct mail, etc… Make sure your agent is ready to do whatever it takes to get your and your home moving.


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